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At the Law Offices of Allen & Rector, P.C., our attorneys regularly assist clients with complex divorce cases. When substantial assets are at stake, we carefully address complicated tax planning, property division, and support issues to protect our clients’ best interests. Working closely as a team, our divorce attorneys collaborate with investigative, business, and real estate appraisers, and investigators to ensure we have all the information we need to analyze each case.

Our attorneys are familiar with the issues involving corporations, stock valuation, and closely held businesses. With expertise and knowledge derived from two decades of experience, our law firm is adept at handling divorces involving assets of $10 million and above. While conflicts within the family are always upsetting for everyone involved, few domestic relations problems match the legal complications and emotional upheaval of divorce.

If you decide divorce is the only answer to resolve your marital conflicts, seeking the legal advice and guidance of an experienced family law attorney will help protect your rights as well as your long-term financial and emotional health. You may call us toll-free, day or night. We welcome your inquiries. Whether you are certain you want to end your marriage or are still weighing the pros and cons, we're here to help you learn about the basics of divorce law and how the process can benefit you.

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Child Custody, Visitation, Support, and Adoption

When divorce is inevitable, a trusted matrimonial attorney can lend the valuable support you need to effectively resolve issues surrounding the dissolution of your marriage, from alimony, child support, custody, and visitation to questions of parenting rights, and division of assets and debts. No matter when you need legal help, our divorce and family law attorneys at the Law Offices of Allen & Rector, P.C., are here for you.

At the Law Offices of Allen & Rector, P.C., we handle all areas of family law from adoptions, child custody matters, paternity, child support arrearages, or modifications of prior decrees. We handle any case with the utmost discretion.

Contact our team today to start seeking a better tomorrow. From our offices in Lebanon and Waynesville, we proudly represent individuals and families throughout Mid-Missouri.